Why Choose Alpaca?

  • For many dogs, sweaters is a necessity during wintertime.
    Alpaca is warmer & more durable than sheep’s wool and will keep your dog cosy and comfortable on their walks!
  • Non-scratchy, soft, & luxurious.
    Dogs might get more uncomfortable in sheep’s wool sweaters due to itching. Alpaca wool is soft, non-scratchy and comfortable. Your dog will thank you for it!
  • Naturally water resistant
    Perfect for making doggie snow angels!
  • Hypoallergenic
    Great for sensitive pups, especially those who are allergic to wool!
  • More eco-friendly than cashmere and sheep's wool.
    The alpaca produces a pollution free fiber which they will gladly share with you as they are shorn (without harm) annually during summertime.

    —These adorable creatures consume less water and food compared to other livestock.

    —"PacaPOO" is pH balanced and an excellent, natural, slow-release low-odor fertilizer.

    —Alpacas are lanolin-free. Lanolin is a type of thick oil which causes skin irritation in many people which requires a harsh multi-stage detergent wash remove it during processing. 

    —Alpaca also dyes very well and takes color nicely from plant and other natural dyes so you don’t have to worry about artificial dyes irritating delicate skin or causing more pollution.